The Importance of ‘Grounding/Earthing’ Electrical Systems.

Humans have made some truly remarkable discoveries in the electrical field, and one extremely important lesson has been the importance of grounding electrical currents. Electricity has provided countless benefits to people, but it still remains one of the most deadly elements readily available in our daily lives. Unless you have already grounded your electrical systems, […]

4 Ways Poor Electrical Maintenance Can Cost Your Business

Poor or insufficient electrical maintenance can cost your business both time and money. Businesses rely heavily on the efficient running of their equipment, and any electrical failure can lead to interruptions, costly repairs, energy wastage and risk to worker safety. Read on to find out the four ways poor electrical maintenance can cost your business […]

Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

1. Arcing Electricity: When the bottom of a light bulb doesn’t make a snug connection with the hardware in the light socket, it can cause electricity to arc between the socket and bulb. You may not know this is happening just by looking at the bulb, but arcing electricity can generate excess heat, leading to […]

This is what you should know about raining season and thunder/lightening strike, that is directly related to your home.

Toward the end of every Rainey season proceeds heavy thunderstorms and lighting which leads to power surge on electrical installations at home an offices, To avoid damage on your appliances or cause harm to your kids at home, schools, staffs and customers etc. Necessary precautions and professional protection have to be taken. This dangers includes: […]

The Benefits of A Partner Electrical Company For your eatery, fast-food lounge, hotel and suit Business.

The Benefits of A Partner Electrical Company For your eatery, fast-food lounge, hotel and suit Business The success of your cafes relies on a functioning, safe electrical system. When it comes to maintenance and servicing, a national electrical company is your best option. From streamlining contractor management to a proven track record of quality, you […]


5 BUSINESS SAFETY ESSENTIALS As a business owner, it’s important to keep your business premises safe and secure. This’ll ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of your employees. Keeping the workplace safe can also protect you from losses, liabilities, and exposures to lawsuits. The things you should protect your business from include fire, electrical hazards, […]

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