Bowwood Electrical Company Ltd. is an electrical firm that specialized in Electrical Engineering Services such as, Installation, Maintenance, Management and Training of all kinds of electrical facilities and gadgets, for corporate and household end-users, across the globe. Our service outlets are doted across the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. We render services following the trends of cutting edge technologies and excellent innovation in the industry, with high sense of professionalism.

You are the most valuable asset to the company and our professional engineers/technicians with their great Skills/experiences in their various areas of operation; are one of the most important factors that determine your success in business.

BEC Ltd. Has the expertise to identify what is and what should be, and the required knowledge of what to do.

We have identified the following problems in the industry we serve, in line with Management & Maintenance of Electrical facilities for residential, commercial and industrial users.

  1. Inadequate management & maintenance of machines, control panels and instruments.
  2. Poor fault-finding or investigation approach.
  3. Inadequate protection of electrical equipments, power balance, and use of energy efficient product.
  4. Lack of proper safety measures.
  5. Poor resources, money and time management system for maintenance.

Both companies and households are losing their facilities as a result of these problems, which translate to loss of revenue and resources respectively. Therefore it expedient for a simple and well detailed approach to come on board and rescue the situation, thereby eliminating doubts and worries among users, with quality services.

They are seeking solution to their peculiar needs, that’s why we are here with a clearly new and smart approach, to put smile on their faces,


  1. Bowwood electrical possess a high level of moral standard with a team of highly trained personnel’s and creative minds on various unit/department in order to render perfect service to our client.
  2. We don’t just fix things, but constantly looking for defect spot, potential hazards that may cause loss of life and property and ensuring compliance.
  3. We also have enough manpower to deliver our assignment given to us by our clients.
  4. No jack of all skills masters of none, rather the company has trained staffs on a particular skill and profession.
  5. We operate under a law of honesty, reliability, standard, quality and durability.
  6. We offer convenient and expedient service.


  1. We have qualified technicians’ equipped with the skill and knowledge across various field of services. Our team is committed with the aim and vision of the company therefore can respond to any transfer and quick emergency response to all regions of the states.
  2. Our client is prone to be highly security conscious of life and properties, not just environmental security but internally secured from electrical hazards that will cause death of customers, clients, staff, personals, loss of properties etc.
  3. With the rate of the economy down turn facilities should be maintained to prolong the life of equipments as it is very difficult to purchase new equipments.
  4. As most facilities in the firm are foreign you need trained man-powers that can handle its challenges.
  5. Quick and expedient service
  6. Without qualified electricians our homes and offices would be pretty lifeless places. We keep the arties of modern life. And repair a wide range of things from fire protection system to lightning, security and cooling system, these things need to be checked, repair to avoid sudden failures.